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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here Comes Santa Clause!

Dear Daughter

You met Santa today! O.k. you got me, not the real Santa Clause, but one of his helpers. (Who just happens to look like him, say Ho Ho Ho, and have a reindeer by his side.)

We took to you the mall where he was visiting girls and boys. Right between the leather depot and the Telus store naturally. I thought we were being kind of cleaver showing up an hour early. I though we could sit, get a cup of Timmies, then mosey on over and line up to see the big jolly fella. Boy was I wrong. There were people EVERYWHERE! We had to walk what must of been a mile before I even saw a glimpse of the end of the line. But I was determined to stick it out. There were going to be REAL reindeer. Like with hooves and everything! I think I was more excited them some kids. OK I was definitely more excited them some kids.

You looked SOOO cute! Gramma & Grampa sent this adorable pink dress, with a matching shruglette. It even had cute little penguins on it, and to finish off the look...You had your own little pair of fur trimmed Ugg boots! Yep, just like Mama's!

We had your letter for the big guy ready. Our camera on hand to sneak in some free photo's and enough diapers to last us through the night. Because let me tell you, as daunting as that line up was. I was NOT going anywhere. We came there to see Santa and we weren't leaving till we did.Of course, an hour and a half later I was re-thinking my decision to stay at the mall. Some children were starting to get Crraannnkkkyyy!!!

 Not you though. You smiled and baby talked to anyone who approached you. I felt like we were preparing for a marathon. I kept you hydrated, fed, changed and entertained. By the time we go close enough to see the man in red I was desperate to get you up there. A lot of parents called it quits or their children were screaming there little heads off. For such little people they sure can make a lot of noise. I thought I should take make chance and get in a few shots before our turn because hey... you might turn all 'Linda Blair" on me and we wouldn't get them done. They had all these beautiful trees, presents and snow everywhere. So we plopped you right down and started taking pictures. Other parents thought this was a Great idea because they soon followed suit.

About ten minutes later it was our turn. I gotta tell you, I didn't really have high hopes. The last five kids cried, one peed and another just plain ol' refused to sit on Santa's lap. I brought  you up to Santa while your Daddy got the camera ready. The reindeer gave you a sniff and Santa held out his arms for the pass off. I backed away, the photographer jingled her tambourine and.......You Laughed! Yay! You smiled right at the camera, gave chuckle and waved your tiny little hands in the air. It Was Perfect! I swear there were collective "Awwwww's" all around us. We got a lot of  "Great Photo" and "She did Amazing". I couldn't ask for a better  shot.

After words, your Daddy and I collected our prints and went out for a "Family Date Night" for Vietnamese food. We congratulated each other on our Awesome Offspring and considered ourselves lucky you weren't the "pee kid". You would have NEVER lived that down. I'm talking future wedding photo montage. We plan on using that photo as our Christmas card this year. Who knows...Next year, we could have matching sweaters! The possibilities are endless!

I love you Baby Girl
Always & Forever

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