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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear Daughter

Traditions are defined as rituals, beliefs or objects that are passed down. I sometimes wonder what is it about traditions and especially those associated with a holiday that make them so important to us? My thoughts are that traditions provide great value. Value that last beyond the moment. It's not in completing the ritual, but what it provides for those involved. It makes us unique. Although there are many traditions that other families might have as well, each home has their own way of doing them. That is what is special. We all give it our own twist, weather it be a cultures most loved foods, or decorations or special activities, its "ours". I think it creates a bridge between babies and G.G's and those who have passed on or simply can't be there. Growing up, both your father and I had many, and I hope that we can pass some of them on to you. I also hope that we, as our own family unit can make a few of our own. 

 Take Christmas for example. (It's just around the corner) Although your Daddy and I have long outgrown the hub-bub of waking up before the crack of dawn and excitedly running downstairs to peek threw our stockings; there are still those expectations to perform  some of the rituals from childhood. 

Here are just a few things that I hope to continue and begin with you.

1) December 1st is designated 'Get The Christmas Tree/Decorations/Home Decor/Lights' out from the basement day.
2) Daddy with fight with, swear at, stomp off and finally get the lights on the tree while we sing merrily along to The Chipmunk Christmas Carols
3) Our Christmas tree will never be pretty. I mean, it will be absolutely fantastic, just not the "Hallmark Card" kind of look. We love the "Handmade/MishMash/Unbreakable/Popcorn Chain" kind of look.
4) We will spend Oodles and Oodles of time in the kitchen doing lots of baking. There are a ton of treasured yummy deserts, cakes, cookies and bars that are made every year in both branches of your family tree.
5) We will always send out Christmas Cards. Its is always nice to let those you Love know that your thinking of them.(and it's nice to get something in the mail besides bills)
6) Christmas music will play in our house for at least a month or more. Get used to it!
7) We will leave a little snack out for Santa and his reindeer every Christmas Eve.
8) Food! Oh, there will be plenty of family favorites to go around. Be prepared to wear your "turkey pants".
9) We will always read "The Night Before Christmas" before you go to bed.
10) Christmas morning, you can wake us up as soon as your up. You'll need to know how to start the coffee machine so Daddy is coherent.

But, traditions are not just present at Christmas, they are all year round. We will make more as we go along but just to name a few....

Snow on the ground means snow angles, snow ball fights and snow men whenever you want.
You get Heart shaped pancakes for Valentines Day.
Spring means sidewalk chalk, bicycles and skipping ropes. I still remember all the good tunes.
St. Patrick's Day is my Favorite Holiday next to Christmas. Its a BIG deal!
You will probably know how to change a tire before you learn to braid your hair. Racing is a Season, not hobby.
Canada Day brings fireworks, s'mores and camping.

There are so many things I want to do with and for you. Things that I want you to be able to look back and smile, laugh, love and remember all those things that you can count on. That no matter what, everyday,  I will still read to you before bedtime, Eskimo kiss you in the morning and say I love you every chance I get. Those are things you can count on never changing.

I love you Little Girl
Always and Forever

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