"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What You Won't Remember

Dear Daughter

You wont remember your arrival. That your Daddy was right there, holding me, holding you. That your Gramma Pyle cried as we all cried. That you had so many visitors come see you, we ran out of chairs. Or that on the first night, your Daddy and I didn't get a wink of sleep. For fear that we would  miss something. But don't worry. We remember, and will tell you someday.

You wont remember your first laugh. Trust me, it was amazing! I wasn't sure you had done it, but then it happened again and again. All because I sneezed! So I faked it, over and over just to hear that wonderful sound. I called your Daddy and we left a message on his phone of your laughter. But don't worry. We remember, and will show you someday. We videotaped it. 

You wont remember your first Christmas. That your Gramma and Grampa Pyle came here from out East to spend it with you. That you were so spo...'loved' that they needed extra suit cases, and your Nanny sent hers through the mail. Or that you had so much fun ripping open presents and emptying out bags. That you kept Mama company well we did all our Christmas baking. Smiling, laughing and singing in your very own chef's apron. But don't worry. We remember and have the pictures to prove it!

You wont remember saying 'Mama or Daddy' for the first time. How your Daddy and I looked at each other in amazement the first time you called for me. How you would look around for us, saying Mama and Dada over and over. You recognized us. Wanted us. But don't worry. We remember and love hearing you call for us. Even at 3 am.

You wont remember my reluctance to leave youIn the beginning, the time I spent away from you was counted in minutes. The nervousness as I kissed you goodnight, and sleep tight when I finally gained the nerve to trust you would be all right. That to this day, I sometimes tip toe into your room, and lay my hand on your back. Just to make sure your breathing. That your there. That your OK. And that your mine. But don't worry. We remember. And more then likely will still check on you at night.

You wont remember the first time you ate "real" food. It was rice cereal. Then peas. Then carrots. That every time you try something new, the first time it comes right back out. Sometimes on the second try too. But third times the charm and you usually like it. That you would eat your vegetables like they were candy. That you had such a love affair with food from the beginning. But don't worry. We do. And you still LOVE your vegetables

You won’t remember your first steps. The strength, courage, and fearlessness in which you moved along. You won’t remember me sinking to my knees in wonder, delight, and trepidation that you were gaining independence. You won’t remember the tears on my face as I tried to commit every.single.second to memory while grabbing the first camera I could find. But don't worry. We will. And you still amaze us everyday.

You won’t remember some of the moments in your life ahead, of the people you will meet, those you will love, the accomplishments you will achieve. You won’t remember things we say to you, things we did or will do. But, eventually, you will build an abundance of memories and none of them will be lacking in love. You won’t remember the moment I wrote this with such conviction and belief in the amazing woman you are going to become.

Whatever the future brings, there is so, so much you won’t remember.
But even with all you won’t remember, I still hope you never forget.....That we LOVE you. Right up in to the Moon and the Stars in the Sky......and back.

I Love You. 
Always and Forever

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