"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear 16 Year Old Me...

Dear Daughter

A while back I uploaded a Facebook Album titled "A Box Full Of Polaroids!" I recently found some more pictures floating around in random boxes and was BLOWN AWAY at several recurring themes.
1. I had really bad fashion sense!
2. My definition of "Hawt Stuff" has c hanged....Dramatically!
3. I'd give ALL my New Kids On The Block collectibles to charity if Proactive had come out in the 80's
4. The same handful of people were there...always there.
5. Those same people and I share some AMAZING memories.

I've heard from others that they "wish they could go back in time and do" this. Or "if only I didn't say that." Sure, there are moments I'd like to relive, but would I want to change the outcome? Maybe. Maybe not.For the most part, I can honestly say no. I wouldn't.. Anything in my past that I have said or done, good or bad, has made me in to the person I am today. If I un-did something, would I still be a wife, a mother, a crafty, book lover, baker and frugalista. Maybe. Maybe not. But I love my life. I'm happy. I'm in love. There are times in ones life to reflect on their past, good and bad and learn from it. I hope you read this over, and decided ahead of time what is or is not a good idea...in case you were thinking of doing the same.
So, in honor of those lost years, here is another rendition of the same title floating around you-tube....

Dear 16 Year Old Me...
Continue writing in your diary. It's a very strong link to your past. You might need it one day.
Put down the Cheetos! You might THINK you have the metabolism of a young boy...but you dont.
Putting BYOB on your birthday party invite is NOT A GOOD IDEA
The Hippie Stage? Really?
STOP rushing, there really is plenty of time.
Let your little sister tag along......sometimes. You grow up and wish you were closer.
Spend more time with family and tell them you love them...everyday.
Appreciate Mom. She does so much for you right now. 
Hold your friendships tight. Whether they come in to your life for a reason or a lifetime. They shape you too.
Buck Up and Do the Airband Dance "Get Down" Don't be nervous, enjoy it!
Join more clubs/teams/committees! You love being involved now, you will then!
Hug Daddy. Walk with him. Talk with him. Tell jokes with him. Savor the time you have with him.
You are NOT going to marry Billy, get over it already! 5th time is not the charm!  :)
If you say something that hurts someone, apologize. Don't wait. You could be too late.
Stay in touch. We all move on with  our own lives, but hold those dear, close to you.
In the same vein, let others move on too. They will still have time for you, and their new life too.
No matter what anyone says, 90210, Buffy and Charmed are AWESOME shows. Cheesy, but cool
Keep your Winnie the Pooh box of memories...Your daughters name is on that future baby list!
Take more pictures. People might tease, but they will love looking at them in the future.
Stay with him at the hospital. Don't leave. 
Your not ugly, or a geek. Someone is going to love you one day. more then you could ever imagine.

Ha! So there are a few things that I'd say to me in the way back if I could. There are more, sure, there are more. But this is a good start. Basically, what I want you to take from this is enjoy the things that make you happy. Don't waste time on the things that don't. And appreciate what you have, because one day, it might not be there.
I love you Baby Girl

Always and Forever