"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watching Over You

Dear Daughter

Today is  my Daddy's Birthday. That's your Poppy.
Normally today is a very sad day for me because he is no longer here with us. Usually on this day, I get out the balloons and throw  myself a little 'Pity Party" for what I don't or wont have. Today I felt different.
Because of you. Instead of thinking about what I was missing, I thought about what I am so very lucky to have. Memories; and these I can share with you.

Like the times when Daddy would come home from work and declare that I had a new freckle; and we just had to name it.

How he would tickle me till I gasped with laughter with "The Drill", "The Hook", and "The Claw".

About the time he started a water fight in the house.

Or the time he held me while I cried my eyes out when our dog Riley ran away.

He used to send Big 3 Foot Birthday cards to my school every year that said
HAPPY BIRTHDAY POOPER in big bold letters. At the time I thought I would die of embarrassment. Now, I'd do anything for one more card.

He used to scold me when I used the word "Frig" because he "knew exactly what I am really saying".

I remember sitting on his lap in his favorite chair ( that tilted to one side) and watching the hockey game.

And the way he used to pack my lunches like I was going on a 3 day safari.

I remember dancing on his toes to Billy Joel's "River of Dreams". Hearing the song play still makes me smile, and cry, to this day.

He hated getting his picture taken.

Loved chocolate covered cherries. (Like Me)

He would sit in the sun for hours.

He loved camping. The real kind with tents and Coleman stoves.

I remember he laughed a lot. He was always telling jokes or making everyone around him laugh.

He had dozens of tattoos.

He enjoyed bowling.

Before he was gone. He used to joke with me. Ask me when I'm going to make him a Poppy. Told me to get on it, before he was too old to enjoy it. I know if he was here. He would love you more then anything.

What I remember most though. Out of everything. Is that he loved me. He showed in in his kiss good morning. His bedtime stories at night and his Piggy back rides all over the house. 

You might not get to meet him in person, but he is always there Baby Girl. Watching over you.

I love you Little Girl
Always and Forever


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