"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Monday, January 17, 2011

Say Thank You

Dear Daughter

Thank You.

Two very simple words that could mean so very much to someone. These two words, when coming from the heart can leave an everlasting impression on someone. It not only shows the feeling of gratitude, but the person can really understand the appreciation coming from you.

Use these words in your life. Along with many others I will get to but these are especially important because before you were even here you were loved. Family, friends,clients and co-workers all cared about you and your well being. Daddy and I Thanked them for you, and when your older. You can thank them too.

Thank your Gramma Pyle. For flying out west to be with us. For cooking, cleaning, loving and advising. For being there when Mama needed a hand to hold, or squeeze. For giving you baths, hugs, kisses and smiles. Without her, Mama and Daddy would have gone mad. Thank Her.

Thank your Family. For all the cards, gifts, phone calls and posts. Even though they all live so far away, they were there in their own way. They were there with late night phone calls to answer the question "So I'm pregnant, Now What?" Or to say "Your Beautiful" when I could no longer see my feet. They were there to ease worries and talk through concerns. Thank Them

Thank any friends or acquaintances of Mama and Daddy's. They were there to take us to lunch when I just HAD to have fruit. Or when I HAD to have poutine. They called, stopped by, and invited us out when we were feeling the pressure. They kept us sane when things didn't follow the 'What to Expect Book' like we were expecting. Thank Them

For all the things you were given. Which were many. MANYmanymanymany. We couldn't have done this alone. So remember to say Thank You. When someone goes out of their way to make your day better. Thank Them, and let them know their loved.

For the record. I thank your father, and the Lord above for giving me you. You are a miracle. Your our miracle.

I love you Little Girl
Always and Forever

Written: 08/01/2010

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