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Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Have Teeth!!!

Dear Daughter

As of right now you have 4 teeth! FOUR!!!
I think this is amazing because it means you are growing up so fast.
Your gums started getting a little red and swollen when you were 3 1/2 - 4 months and on Boxing Day you woke up with your First Tooth!!! It had come out over night, and over the next few hours  another joined in. I was so happy that they came in with pretty much no fuss and that you weren't in any discomfort. 

I'm also thankful for the few teething toys we had already. If I haven't mentioned before you are a little bit of a comfort sucker, and breastfeeding you after your teeth starting coming in was like being milked by a rabid kitten. Little scrapes from your teeth make for an uncomfortable feeding time, but we carried on and you figured  out how to do it without making me loose a nipple or two.

Another thing I have thankful for is a present you got from Gramma and Grampa for Christmas. It was  Sophie the Giraffe! Sophie...which in reality is a $30 rubber dog toy but it has definitely saved our lives. In all honesty I probably wouldn't have bought it for you myself, because I'm chea.......frugal like that. But after seeing how you latched on to that thing and chewed it like a t-bone I am certain it is one of the essential items that the 'What to Expect' book missed out on.

I keep trying to take pictures of your teeth to show everyone, but every time I get close enough with the camera you either a) try to eat it or 2) blow a raspberry. When I do get a shot I laugh out loud at how incredibly cute you are. Your such a happy baby and I love just looking at your beautiful-carnival ride operator -drooly face! (not to insult carnival ride operators, but you do look kinda red-necky)

That's all for today Hunnie Bunnie. I just wanted to write so that I can remind you when you have kids, that a little bite between Mama and Baby is ok. Also, I wanted to apologize for probably scaring the piss out of you when I yelp at your antics. Unfortunately, you think this is funny, and some kind of game....'Lets bite Mama, look up and smile angelically while still holding it in my teeth'....Ya.....Fun!!! (insert sarcastic snort here)

I Love You Baby Girl
Always & Forever

* Please Note: For those who are new to following..... These entries are incredibly behind in posting. I have always be a journal/Diary/Note person and have a lot of letters to MJ in these books. I am still playing catchup online with my letters though. I find this is a great way to share with all the friends and family we can't see everyday. (we live on the west coast while our family is on the east)  MJ was born in July of 2010 and I began writing letters to her while still pregnant. I will continue trying to get caught up for online entires, as I only do them generally when she is sleeping. (But I know you will all forgive me if I spend my 'free' time drinking coffee, napping or reading a good book)
Thank you all so much for your continued support, well wishes and kind words. I hope you keep reading!
Sincerely, Shannon

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