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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How I Met Your Father....

Dear Daughter

I know this is a story that you will ask for when your older so I might as well write it down. This is how I met your Daddy. My one true love. Sappy I know but true.

Funny enough, he and I met at a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop. We were strangers, and he asked if he could take me to a county fair.(It's beginning to sound like a country song isn't it? ) Even better, we never made it to the fair.
I was still in high school, and your father was a student at George Brown in Toronto.  I had never really had a serious relationship before him. You know, the ones were it's S + J = 4eva  with hearts and rainbows. I had gone on 'group movie dates' but nothing that gave me butterflies. He did.

In fact, I thought he was totally out of my league. I'm not ashamed to admit I was a book worm in high school and still am. I was involved in clubs and committees. Volunteered for fun after school, and in my spare time enjoyed crafts, puzzles and reading. Introverted to say the least. Your Daddy, well, he was tattoo's, race cars and piercings. Parties, loud music and a bit of a potty mouth. He reminded me soo much of your Poppy, and I knew right away that he was different. 

He picked me up at my house, (where he found me playing badminton on the front lawn with my little sister)  and we drove all the way to Tim Hortons in silence. I didn't even look at him I was so nervous. We spent the entire evening talking, and well into the night. If there is a book out there that says "What NOT to Say on a First Date"  it was based on this night. I told him how 'geeky' I was and that I embraced my inner nerd by collecting Archie Comics. That I was a virgin and saving myself for marriage. (HA) I talked about wanting to be a wife and mother more then anything in the world, and six children seamed a good number. (You would think that would send him running on a first date) I admitted that I was seeing a therapist, because my Father had passed away the year before and I was still having trouble dealing with it. I also talked about my epilepsy, and how it started and basically gave him a first aid lesson on 'what to do if'. All that, and more just spewed out of my mouth like verbal diarrhea and .......he listened. Not just sat there quietly, but actively listened. He nodded his head, asked questions, made comments and showed interest. In ME! 

I was so blown away that this man. This older, OH MY GOSH Good looking man, was interested in me. Little, quiet, shy  me. When he drove me home later that night I did the unthinkable. Something I had never done in my life and was soo outside my comfort zone. I attacked him. Well not really, but as he was saying good night to me I launched myself at him and kissed him. That's it. Nothing too X rated. Just a kiss. But woweyyy what a kiss. I then admittedly pushed him away, took in his look of shock and ran in the house. 

Now all this sounds as if I was 12, a child, and immature...I wasn't, on all accounts I assure you. I was older, wiser and usually people said I was 'an old soul'. But this night, this man....never mind butterflies, I had bats flying around in my tummy. I won the award for supreme dork that night....and I thought I'd never see him agian.

15 LONNNNNNNNNGGG hours later. He called to ask me out again. I knew, really I did, I knew right then, that this guy was mine. Stick a fork in him he is done like dinner...he just didn't know it yet.

Years later, I found out that after our first date he had said this to someone......."I went on a date tonight with this amazingly, quirky, cute girl. (cute?!?!)  But, I don't know if I will ever see her again.....She is not the kind of girl you kinda date and have 'fun' with. She is the type of girl you bring home to Mom. The kind of girl you marry and have kids with. I don't know ......I just met her.....If I call her.....that's it. She's ....The One."  Now all of that is words he has later told me he said, and the conversation might have gone a little differently but this is how he remembers it. I cried when he told me, because not long after he had this conversation he called me again.......And we lived (mostly) happily ever after!

So there it is.....we were pretty much inseparable after that. He asked to meet your Nanny, Uncle and Aunt the following week (who asks to meet parents one week in) and we moved in together less then a year later. I like to think we have something so rare and so special. Who can say that they met there partner, lover and best friend in high school and are still together many, many manymanymany moons later......well, we can.

I love you Sweet Baby Girl
Always  & Forever

ps. Next time I'll tell you about when he first said the 'L' word. He said it first....don't let him tell you different!

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