"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Sunday, January 25, 2015

School Registration

Dear Daughter

Last week we passed another milestone. One that came to quickly and I wasn't sure any of us were ready for...

Last week we registered you for school.

Afterwards I couldn't help but think about how many firsts you have left. How many we'll see coming. How many will surprise us. I feel equal parts sad and in awe.
Your my 'not so little' little girl.

Its only the end of January and already you've accomplished some firsts and special moments. You had your first 'big hill' solo sled ride. Used big kid skates on your Daddy-Daughter skate date. Made it to your first friend birthday party; and you were a fantastic helper! You made it to the very top of the indoor playroom by yourself. You even made me my birthday cake; from scratch and by yourself. Supervised of course, and not the dangerous parts.

I know this year will have a few more firsts and a few more big moments.

This year you will turn 4 years old. You will top the height restrictions on most rides. You'll begin wearing double digits in shoes. This year you will join soccer camp; and we may even give dance a try.

And this year you will be in school.

On these days I will kiss you and wish you a good day. I'll stand back and watch you run with delight to join your new friends. You will play new games, learn new things and have a gazillion new experiences.

And selfish thought or no...I'm sad that a lot if them wont include me. Up until this point, all the ins and outs of your day were intertwined with mine. 'Wherever you will go I will go' and all that.

All my days are planned around you and now...8:15 every morning I will whisper my I Love You's as you run off to grow and learn without me.

And I know this is the right thing for you. And I know I'll still be involved. And I'm sure I'll have plenty to fill my time. And im sure I'll be thankful for the uninterrupted me/chore time. But I will also long for the days where we played, laughed and cuddled together whenever we chose.

But I can promise you this... at the end of those days, good or bad, you will leave your classroom and always always always know this. That I will be there. With open arms and a smile on my face. I'll be waiting. You'll tell me about your day. All the happy moments and the sad. I promise to listen and I promise to ask questions.

And till the next time you go. We'll play, laugh and cuddle close. Then we'll whisper our I Love You's and do it all again.

Till the end of time, my sweet baby girl, I can promise you this...

I will always be sad when you go. I will always miss you while we're apart. And I will always feel great joy when I see you again. Pinky promise.

I love you little girl.
Always and orever

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