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... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Every Life Has A Soundtrack...All You Have To Do Is Listen

Dear Daughter

Recently I read a thought provoking book by Jodi Picoult called 'Sing You Home'. I have found that all of her books bring out strong emotions and make you 'think'. In this book, she says that 'music is the language of memory', and I really believe that. Why else would hearing a song pull you right back to a specific time or place. It can make you remember, and relive a moment of your life so clearly, like your there all over agian.  So I took a moment to think about some of my 'moments'.

So here it is, the Soundtrack of my Life...

Sesame Street-Elmo and Friends-"Can you tell me how to get / how to get to Sesame Street?"  
-This brings me back to the time of Sunday morning cartoons, sing along's and when watching a program on t.v. was actually educational. I still remember the songs, and it makes me yearn for those times that were so simple and care free.

River of Dreams-Billy Joel- "In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep / Through the desert of truth to the river so deep / We all end in the ocean, we all start in the streams /We're all carried along by the river of dreams / In the middle of the night"
-This tune reminds me of being a little girl and dancing on my Daddy's feet. Him holding me tight, and 'waltzing' around the living room. To this day I get a little weepy and very nostalgic. I love and miss him everyday. This song brings me closer to him.

Step By Step- New Kids On The Block-"Step by step / ooh Baby / Gonna get to you girl / Step by step / ooh Baby / Really want you in my world"
-This was my JAM! I just played this on you tube and could not stop laughing. Also, it makes me wanna 'Hammer Time' .
I LOVED them. I mean like crazy-sleeping bag-barbie dolls-posters on the cieling-sing it in my sleep kinda love. They were the first cassette that I ever received and I swore that one day, I was going to marry Jordan.

Fantasy-Mariah Carey-"Oh when you walk by every night / Talking sweet and looking fine / I get kind of hectic inside / Oh baby I'm so into you / Darling if you only knew / All the things that flow through my mind / But it's just a..."
-This song makes me think of me and my friends in elementary school. We used to draw faces on our chin's, flip upside-down and video tape ourselves singing this vary loudly, and very dramatically. Don't think that's funny, you tube it and then tell me that it's not HILARIOUS!

Beautiful-Christina Aguilera-I am beautiful no matter what they say / Words can't bring me down / I am beautiful in every single way / Yes, words can't bring me down / So don't you bring me down today"
I needed a song that expressed how I and many others felt during the craziness I call high school. Singing these lyrics made me feel beautiful, even when others didn't.

Anything by Dr. Hook- My mother would sing to it while she cleaned. I can remember clearly, her moving around the house, singing so passionately. She knew all the words. Now, so do I; and I do the same.

Little Moments- Brad Paisley-"Well I'll never forget the first time that I heard / That pretty mouth say that dirty word / And I can't even remember now what she backed my truck into / But she covered her mouth and her face got red  / And she just looked so darn cute / That I couldn't even act like I was mad / Yeah I live for little moments like that"
-This isn't even 'Our Song'.(meaning your Daddy and I) But it totally defines the beginning of our relationship. We are COMPLETE opposites. We really had nothing in common.. He's all tattoos-cars-partying-race car driver-bad boy kinda guy and I'm all craftaholic-church goer-baker-puzzle maker kinda girl. But he and I have a million 'little moments' since we started dating way back in high school, and I pray for a million more.

Dance with my Father-Luther Vandross-  "If I could get another chance / Another walk, another dance with him / I’d play a song that would never, ever end / How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again "
-My Daddy, your Poppy, passed away when I was a teenager. It happened very suddenly, and I would give ANYTHING to have just another moment with him. I don't think a person ever gets over loosing someone they love. The pain gets easier to live with day to day, but it never goes away.

At Last-Etta James- "At last / My love has come along / My lonely days are over /  and life is like a song / ohh yeahhh at last
-The day I married your Daddy was a dream. We had simplistic/oldschool feel to our wedding, and it was perfect. This was our first song we dance to as 'Man and Wife'. He still dances with me in the kitchen, outside, the mall etc lol Pretty much anywhere. I am one lucky lady.

Isn't She Lovely-Stevie Wonder-Isn't she lovely / Isn't she wonderful / Isn't she precious / Less than one minute old / I never thought through love we'd be / Making one as lovely as she / But isn't she lovely made from love"
-The day you were born, I couldn't stop smiling, laughing and singing.I could not believe that you were there, in my arms, my little miracle baby. 

Mr Mom-Lonstar-"Well! / Pampers melt in a maytag dryer / Crayons go up one drawer higher
Rewind Barney for the fifteenth time / Breakfast six, naps at nine / There's bubble gum in the baby's hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair / Been crazy all day long and it's only Monday, Mr. Mom"

-This song is a little bit of a replica of our lives, except I'm the one with you during the day, and you become a little angel when your Daddy comes home. Smiling angelically and cooing at him. You Stinker!

In My Daughters Eyes-Martina McBride-I"n my daughter's eyes, I am a hero / I am strong and wise, / And I know no fear. / But the truth is plain to see / She was sent to rescue me, / I see who I wanna be / in my daughter's eyes"
-You smiled at me one morning, and changed my world completely. Again. I love you

Live like you were dying-Time McGraw-I went sky diving / I went rocky mountain climbing / I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu / And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter / And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying / Some day, I hope you get the chance / To live like you were dyin'" 

-I've been asked why I started writing you letters. Why I felt the need to keep every moment of your life on record. Why it was so important to share them. 

Here is my response........"I pray, that the day never comes that I wont remember. That I wont be able to recall how I met your Daddy, your first laugh, your first steps, my wedding day etc. But as life tends to do, we get thrown curve balls. So when  my day comes, I want to be able to look back, read these letters and experience these moments all over again. To feel the love...heart, body and soul that I felt then. I share them because when that day comes, you and everyone that reads them will help me remember. Help me feel. Help me experience the  moments one letter at a time.

So there it is. A few of the gazillion songs that I love, and remind me of places, people and moments in my life. I will keep adding to this list as the years go by, and hope one day, you will add your two cents as well. As I've said before, listen to the music, pay attention to the lyrics, and remember. One day you can look back, and laugh/cry/reminisce like I do.

I love you Sweet Baby Girl
Always And Forever

PS.... here a few Honorable Mentions that stick out in my mind.....(Or some 'what was I thinking' kind of songs)

What a wonderful world-Louie Armstrong-Makes me open my eyes wide, and appreciate.
Lets Talk About Sex- Salt N Peppa-C'mon Ladies, Sing it!
Your the one that I want!-Olivia Newton John and John Travolta-Because Grease Rocks
Angel-Shaggy-6 Words....Birthday Party...B.Y.O.B...(nuff said)
Gimme that smile-Trevor Panczak-I sang this over and over to calm you at night.
Waterfalls-TLC-Air Band Anyone???
Grow old with you-Adam Sandler- This is how I feel about your Daddy
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen-Fun good ol' fashioned head bangin' song.
White Christmas-Big Crosby-Things that come to mind...Home Alone, Christmas Baking, Snow Angels and Decorating the tree!
Don't Stop Believin'-Journey-I love GLEE! lol
I like big Butts and I cannot lie-Sir Mixalot-Every knows the words. Dont lie!
Butterfly Kisses-Bob Carlisle-LOVE this! Makes me cry. 
Still counting the days-Goldfinger-High school drama + remembering Dad
Walkin on Sunshine-KC and the Sunshine Band-Hearing this song makes me want to dance.        
                                                                                     Everytime. Anywhere.  

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  1. ANGEL..... Shannon I was going to ask if that was on your list or Wasnt me by Shaggy everytime I hear those to songs I think of that Birthday Party. Oh man to be 16 again