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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Home pt2

Part 2

Dear Daughter

We're Here!
It looks like a mad house, there are boxes everywhere and I can't find my hair brush (why did I pack my hair brush) but that's OK because we are in our New Home! Your Daddy, Uncle Chris, Mike and Adrian worked so hard in cold and snow to move everything in. I looked like a chicken with its head cut off running back and forth moving boxes into their rooms. And you, you sat like the Princess you are, watching over all of us. Smiling every time the boys came in the house like they had come to see you especially.I was thinking that a new home means new beginnings. Fresh starts and promises.

So Here Goes:

I promise to never take you for granted. That goes for your Daddy too, and all the things he provides for us.

I promise that when you cut your first tooth and bite me, I wont be angry with you. I might yell, but its in shock no more.

I promise to show you the world. I don't mean far away places but the things right here. The way the leaves change in the fall, the taste of snow on your tongue, and the dangers of licking the swing set in the winter. (Even though friends might dare you to do it, dont listen. It hurts. In fact, I'll just tell you that story later, not show you.)

I promise to take your for walks around our neighborhood and greet new faces.

I will always kiss you goodnight, never hug you in front of your friends (after your turn 12) (maybe) and to cut the crusts off your grilled cheese.

Our new home has opened doors for us Little Girl. New adventures, new memories, and new things to see and learn everyday. I know its just four walls and a roof. But it means a place that you can look back and say "I remember that place. I had a lot of firsts there. First tooth, first steps,and first fall" (you could skip that if you want)

And if you already haven't noticed, I really, really......really like to take pictures. I promise to try and capture all those little moments in time that are special. Even the ones that just make good memories. You can look back and remember all the good times we had here. Remember that we love you. We want to provide everything we can for you. Daddy and I do our best every single day, and that will never change.

I love you Little Girl
Always and Forever

written: December 2010

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