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Friday, February 11, 2011

One Amazing Proposal

Dear Daughter

Since its that time of year I thought a good story to share would be the night your Daddy proposed to me. Let me tell you, it was definitely surprising, and absolutely amazing.

As you know, racing is pretty big in our family. Its not just a hobby, but a way of life. Back in Ontario, everyone gets together to see "Friday Night Thunder" and we all go from track to track during racing season. Everyone lends a hand, whether to cheer a driver on, change tires or to add tear offs to a helmet and clean mud off the cars. (Those were my jobs)  I wanted to be able to do more; And since I'm a complete dunce when it comes to the inner workings of the cars, I volunteered at the race track. My job was to work in the radio tower along with another official. We counted laps, cars, passing points and so on. Sent all those numbers into the higher ups like I.M.C.A Canada etc. We also got the best birds eye view of the races.

 September 27th  is a date I will never forget. I had recently been in Ontario for a while. Your Uncle Jason and Aunt Laura had welcomed your cousin Landon into the world on the 11th of that month. I volunteered to take the night shift to give the new parents a little rest. It also gave me time to spend with family. Of course, coming home I hit one rut after another. My flight was behind schedule due to the bad weather, luggage took forever, the road conditions were crappy. But I didn't mind. My best friend Lyndsay was there to pick me up, and even though the drive took hours, her and I could talk for that long and more. So there we were , singing along to the radio, eating snacks from Esso and guzzling Tim Hortons and not once did she let on that she knew. Let me tell you, we told each other most everything, but not once did I guess something was out of the ordinary.

By the time we made it to the race track it was late and I had missed your Daddy's race. Lyndsay dropped me off at the pit gates and I climbed/fell over the fence to get to the bleachers. I raced up to the radio tower and said my hello's to the other officials. We had made it there in time for the awards ceremony. See, it was the last race of the year and the race track gave out awards for best driving, points, best looking cars etc. I had just got myself settled when I heard  my name being called. James and Kathy, the owners of the track were on the straight away and were saying my name. They were giving me an award for my dedication to the track. With a push out the door I made my way back down the steep steps, praying in my nervousness that I wouldn't trip and fall. I hopped through the fence and made my way to them. Then I noticed they weren't looking at me, but over my shoulder.

I looked behind me and everything seemed to get really quiet and went in slow motion. There was your father. Full race suit on, coming out from behind one the the cars with a microphone in his hand. He stared right into  my eyes and said, (to the crowd, not to me) "I would have done this earlier folks, but someones plane was delayed."  I stood there in shock and awe as a watched him get down on one knee. Afterwords he had to fill me in on what he said because at that moment, even though I could see his lips moving, his voice, even over the loud speaker was drowned out by the crowd. Fans up and down the spectator and pit sides were screaming, cheering and whistling. He must have said some pretty wonderful things because I was blinded by the flashes of cameras and almost deaf from the roar of the crowd.

I wish I could say I did the dignified and romantic thing and threw myself into his arms. But its me! All I could do is stare in shock with my  mouth hanging open catching flies. A hush went over the crowd and he repeated himself again. "I love you. Will you Marry Me?" Still in my state of shock the crowd beat me to the punch. A chant started loud across the track . "SAY YES SAY YES SAY YES"  I looked up at the crowd then back at your Daddy and then. finally I nodded my head, screamed yes, and threw myself at him.

Since there were children present we kept our smooches G rated and he slipped the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger. The crowd screamed and stomped there feet, I cried, and your Daddy had the biggest grin on his face. We made our way over to a push truck to head back to the pits. And because everything this evening was perfectly imperfect, the truck died half way off and the push truck had to be pushed off the track. We were OK with that. We just worked at a higher rating in the front seat.

Afterwords, when the pit gates opened to the fans, we were hugged, kissed and congratulated till I thought I would just die of happiness.The race track website was flooded with pictures of the proposal and well  wishes. I found out without my knowing, Daddy and gone shopping with Lyndsay, who helped him pick out the perfect ring. She and the owners of the racetrack were the only ones who knew what he was going to do. I'm still amazed that they were able to keep it from me .

So, that's the story of how your Daddy asked me to be his wife. I can safely say it will go down in the record books as one of the most amazing proposals out there. Kind of like a fairy tale. You know, minus the white charger and plus the flashy race car. Is it any wonder I was shocked speechless.

I know you will  have your fairy tale hero one day sweetheart. Just like I do.

I Love You Little Girl
Always & Forever

written: 09/29/2010

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