"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever...

... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."

- Meet Joe Black

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday

Dear Daughter

Its hard to believe 5 years have gone by since you entered our lives. Especially since  everyday you wake up just a wee bit more independent then the day before. But with that independence comes discovery. You've learned things that make you wonder and question more. Things that have made you laugh and want to share. Things that made you feel proud and full of life. But not all has or will make you smile or feel good. Some has left you feeling unsure of yourself, and people and things around you.

So, as you sit before me colouring, I'll start this special birthday letter.

One of Absolutes.

Not a day goes by where you do not share or give things to those around you. Whether it be toys, food, or the gift of your smile. Your always putting others before you. Thinking of ways to help.

In your short life so far you have faced your own wee hardships. Feeling like your 'not good enough'. Left out. And you've wondered why the bad things happen. You have handled  those situations  better then I ever could. Better then most adults. You've thought these times through, worked it out, and came up with solutions. And if there wasn't  a clear cut ending, you dealt with your own  feelings in a way that's way beyond your years.

Sometimes I am in awe of your courage my Darlin Girl. Your adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Every day is an opportunity to learn and do something new and your going to do it Come hell or high water. And for those around who may not feel that strength, your always there, reaching out a hand to help.

Not just in the ABC 123 kinda ways. Although you pick up things pretty quickly. But your thirst for knowledge inspires me everyday. You share with us daily your ability to understand things far beyond your age. Encouraging us to see thing's from a new perspective.  So that all of those around you see things in a new light.

You give LOVE. So openly. So freely. To everyone around you.  A hundred times a day you share your 'I Love Yous', hugs and kisses. But its your kind words and thoughtfulness towards others that inspires me. You encourage other's.  And remind  us all to feel thankful  for all our blessings.

Inside and out. You radiate this amazing light around you that draws others in. Your smile....jeeze kid. YOUR SMILE! It gets me through the worst moments. That smile and your laughter is so contagious I don't even care what were beaming about. You share that happiness.

It's  been said often that your  very sensitive,  like me.  But your also fierce like your Daddy. Sometimes you can so clearly pick up what others are feeling and then feel them yourself. You can be feisty.  And have a fiery temper when its roused. And there may come  a day when someone says 'Your too sensitive'. DONT LISTEN TO THEM BABY GIRL! For you wear your feelings for all to see. That is nothing to be ashamed of. That takes courage and bravery.  People will understand you better. And it means you'll always take others feelings into account. You have a big heart my girl. So be proud, and never be afraid to let others see it.

So, my Darlin Baby Girl.
Your 5 years old now. These years have begun the mold of the wonderfully,  caring, and amazing woman you'll one day become. I know I often say how these years have gone by so fast. And they have. If I could hold on to so many of these precious moments longer, I would. But I have to say, these years have been  good to you and I. In the way that I feel so lucky to watch you grow...and be a part of it. I am excited to see what changes may come this next year, and what paths it will lead. To see how much you'll grow. Physically and emotionally.  (Size 13 shoe kid!) I'm  looking forward to the lessons learned and milestones met. For both of us.

And the one thing that has only gotten stronger, deeper...just MORE absolute with time...Is how much I LOVE YOU.

You. Are. Loved.
Beyond measure.
Times infinity.
Touch blue.

Happy 5th Birthday Darlin Girl
Love Always and Forever

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